Professional Training Program

Whether you're new to trading futures or have been struggling you'll see why our world-class education is a difference maker in peoples lives!

  • Trade Like The Professionals

  • No Systems, Just Price Action Trading

  • Massively Reduce Your Learning Curve

  • Learn Directly from A Former Prop Trader

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What You Will Learn

The course lessons are below

  • 1

    Chapter One

    • Introduction

    • The Funded Futures Trader

    • FFT Membership

    • Navigating the Chat

    • Tips on Learning Best

    • Introduction to Futures

  • 2

    Chapter Two

    • Chapter Two Intro

    • Trading Hours

    • Economic News

    • MTF Analysis One

    • Multiple Time Frame Practice

    • Discussion on MTF

  • 3

    Chapter Three

    • Chapter Three Intro

    • It's All In The Levels

    • Fibonacci Patterns

    • Fibonacci Legs

    • Sample Charts

  • 4

    Chapter Four

    • Chapter Four Intro

    • The Right Strategy for YOU

    • Intraday Strategy

    • Range Mindset

    • Let's Talk Entries

    • Setting The Trade

    • Macro Trade Introduction

    • Macro Trade Reversals

  • 5

    Chapter Five

    • Chapter Five Intro

    • Risk Management on Trades

    • Contract Strategy

    • Multi Contract Strategy

    • Account Management

    • A Confident Trading Mindset

  • 6

    Chapter Six

    • Chapter Six Intro

    • Combine Funding

    • Proprietary Trading Firms

    • POA & Capital Management

One Month Free FFT Membership

As a BONUS you receive one free month ($247 Value) into the FFT Membership.

  • Daily Market Outlook

    Receive daily market notes with market levels and zones along with price charts that you can click and import into Think or Swim.

  • Weekly Group Calls

    The weekly coaching calls let you ask questions about the training, trading struggles and cover market trading reviews.

  • Private Chat

    Access our private futures chat room where you can get feedback, share ideas and network with other serious futures traders.

Coaching & Development

Our on-demand video course is as world-class as it gets with teaching you to do this. However, some people like the hands-on instruction, and the FFT Membership gives you just that. The hour-long weekly coaching calls give you a chance to work on your game and hold you accountable so you can improve. Combine that with a daily market trade grid, daily trade plans, and a focused chat, and your hands-on learning is at your fingertips. You're going to be learning directly from professional traders with years of experience so the insights you're going to gain from the calls are things you won't find in trading books. The great thing about this is you get one month of access to all of this as a BONUS with the course: If at the end you want to continue you can subscribe for a monthly fee.

What Students Have Said

First Class

Darren S., CEO

I started trading with Dan in 2015 really not knowing much of anything. It took a few years because I run a large company but I can tell you that if you have the time he is who you want to learn with. I like futures for fast moves and overnight trades but he also showed me options. Either way the training you will get be as good as it gets.

Best Course There Is!

Brian A., Agile Consultant

Before meeting Dan and taking his courses I spent a lot of time in investing clubs and watching webinars. What you see is what you get with the education: He does not hold back and is straight to the point. I am a coach for major global corporations and I will say this; the education here is top-level from what is taught to how it is presented.

Take This Course

Ben W., Investment Banker

I met Dan in 2014 and took his original course plus some side coaching he did with me. I will tell you that what I have seen in the new training is much more than we had in 2014. I learned to trade Russell 2000 and E-Mini with him and it makes real results! We have been friends since and I can tell you that his support on questions is always available.

Course Membership Options

Choose between on-demand self study or on-demand with a live online coaching class.


  • Which markets do you teach in this training?

    We focus on E-Mini S&P 500 and Nasdaq. We do this to keep it simple to start. However, you can trade other products with the price action method you will learn.

  • Which course option should I choose?

    If you learn well alone then the on-demand is a great choice. If you want access to attend a live online coaching class with Chris or Dan then the Live Coaching Option is the best bet!

  • Who should enroll?

    If you are new to futures, struggling to trade futures or want to learn price action this is for you. If you are expecting to attend and not put in the required work and looking for a quick fix, this is not for you.

  • How can I get funded?

    We have partnerships with prop firms that we can introduce you to. In addition, we'll show you how to potentially get managed accounts as POA including what it takes to do so.

  • Do you use software or indicators?

    No. We rely on price action + market context. This means you will learn to read the market price action so there is never a need for indicators to purchase.

  • What kind of trading do you teach?

    We do not scalp. We teach traders to look for larger dollar price moves in the markets so usually a max of 3 trades a day. The majority of it is day trading but there is no active scalping for 1-2 point trades.

  • How long do I get access to the course & FFT Membership?

    After you complete the course in full you have access to it for 6 months. The FFT Membership is free for the first month. If you see the value and want to continue in it we have a subscription.