Small account? No problem.

Small trading works, when done tactically and with a goal in mind. S.A.T. teaches you how to use a fundamental and technical strategy to trade 1-3 contract options trades with the idea of making small gains.

We discuss a fundamental basis so that you understand how calls & puts work and how they are priced. We believe that knowing this takes away the fear of trading because you actually know how it works.

*We highly suggest taking the SAT Premium (which includes Technical Tactics) if you are new to trading. It also saves you $150.

No Day Trading

 Many of the Small Account Tactic trades are designed for a few hours to a max of 7 days. Using the principles in the S.A.T. you'll learn to manage risk and slowly build gains over time vs. trying to go for home runs. 

We use real case-study trades to explain as well as video tutorials so you can learn. In addition, we have student interviews so you can get their perspective of how they learned.

In this step-by-step training you'll discover:

Real P&L case studies from coaches and students while learning proven strategies that work in the current market

  • How to do this part-time without big risks

  • How to use a risk model to grow an account effectively

  • The secret to finding explosive trades in a few select stocks

  • Real P&L explanations and trader interview

Course curriculum

  • 1

    S.A.T Options

    • Welcome to S.A.T. Options

    • Welcome Video

    • Psychology: Trading Expectations

    • Psychology: Think Big, Trade Small.

    • Learning Guidelines

    • Think or Swim Intro One

    • Think or Swim Intro Two

    • Think or Swim Intro Three

  • 2

    Chapter One: SAT Options Basics

    • S.A.T. Options Fundamentals

    • Options 101 Education

    • S.A.T. Trading Playbook

    • S.A.T. Playbook How To

    • S.A.T. Business Plan

    • Checkpoint Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter Two: S.A.T. Principles of Trading

    • Trade Selection Lecture

    • Trade Selection Lecture #2

    • Strike Selection Model

    • Expiration Model

    • Trading Lecture #1

    • Trading Lecture #2

    • Checkpoint Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter Three: Trading Strategies

    • Chapter Three Introduction

    • The Strategies

    • Trading Strategy A

    • Trading Strategy B

    • Trading Strategy C

    • Trading Strategy D

    • ETF Flow Trading

    • Trading Strategy E

  • 5

    Trading Lectures

    • Discretionary Trading Discussion

    • Course PDF Guides

    • Max Duration Option Lesson

    • Live Trade with Max Option Selection

    • Live Trade with Explanation

    • Interview with Corey (Long time student)

    • Stop Loss/Risk Discussion

    • Webinar 6.22.22 (Live Recording)

Here's what real students say about trading with Dan's strategy

Incredible Course


Being a part of Landshark has changed my life forever. Dan Bustamante has truly created something special here. Dan has recruited and trained the instructors at Landshark. These instructors are successful traders themselves and are more than willing to share not only their wisdom, but also their trading results in the chat. Chat is 24/7 in which everyone including Dan (Founder) is reachable.

Great course and company


I was self taught for 5 years before coming across Landshark. I spoke with them to determine if it would add any value to my current strategy prior to purchasing any course and they were very helpful in answering my questions. They didn't try to sell my anything. Today, with the help of Landshark I have more confidence in my set ups and a more consistent trader. I would strongly recommend the courses to anyone interested in learning how to trade the markets.

Amazing group and course.


So I started here, in this course, five years ago. I had read everything and anything about the markets and spent money like most of you have as well. This was what changed it all for me. There is no fluff and it makes sense! I started with a small account then and sometimes I still use the teachings with my larger account today. You should take this and listen to what he says because it will change how you do this forever. I've taken multiple small accounts and traded them bigger and was happy to be interviewed to share my experiences trading a small account in this course.


Lifetime Chat Room Access

  • Strategy Course

    Get access to the full 5+ hour course. Access the teachings on-demand at your own pace to learn.

  • S.A.T. Chat Room

    Lifetime chatroom access so you can practice, ask questions, and learn from others.

  • Technical Course Included

    The Technical trading course is included as well. An addition 4+ hours (and updating) of content so you can learn price action and technicals.


  • Can I access the course and recordings instantly?

    Yes, as soon as you register and pay you get instant access.

  • When are the webinars?

    At least once a quarter, more if needed - we announce them in the chat community.

  • Is this day trading?

    Not at all. You will learn to put on trades that may last a day or some that can last up to 5-7 days.

  • How long do I have course access?

    1 year for the Basic Membership. Lifetime for PLUS Membership.

  • What is the time commitment?

    The course is 5-6 hours in length and we suggest interacting 3-4 hours a week in the Discord chat as another way to learn as well.